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Working at Honeywell

Honeywell's global customers, broad range of industries and innovative technologies combine to offer you dynamic career opportunities with tremendous growth potential. Discover how great careers start here, grow here, and provide a legacy for all who follow.

The Five Initiatives

To succeed in your Honeywell career, you'll need to understand and appreciate the critical role of our Five Initiatives – Growth, Productivity, Cash, People and the Enablers.


Honeywell's objective is to achieve profitable growth with emphasis on organic or internal growth, using four pillars of organic growth. The pillars include doing a superb job for our customers every day; superior sales and marketing organization; globalization; and robust, funded technology roadmaps for new products and services.


Honeywell has an outstanding track record in driving continuous improvement in support of improved Productivity. We will maintain that level of performance, even as we increase our emphasis on Growth.


This initiative focuses on driving improvements in working capital, payables, receivables and inventory. Cash is the lifeblood of any business. As we increase cash flow, we can take advantage of opportunities to reinvest in our businesses through strategic acquisitions, technology roadmaps and stock buybacks. The positive impact on employees and shareowners alike is huge.


From the Boardroom to the manufacturing floor, we focus on having the best people organized the right way, and motivated. At Honeywell, employees are given opportunities to learn, grow, and develop and they are rewarded for their contributions. Our size, the industries we serve, and the breadth of our portfolio enable people to have dynamic careers, develop into leaders, and gain experiences across businesses, functions, and regions.


Our three Enablers—The Honeywell Operating System (HOS), Functional Transformation (FT), and Velocity Product Development™ (VPD)—are internal business processes driving efficiency and service quality, bringing world-class products and services to market faster and more cost-effectively for our customers. The Honeywell Operating System drives sustainable improvements in our manufacturing operations to generate exceptional performance in safety, quality, delivery, cost, and inventory management. Functional Transformation is HOS for our administrative functions—Finance, Legal, HR, IT and Purchasing—standardizing the way we work, reducing costs and improving service quality.

Velocity Product Development (VPD) strengthens our new product development process.

Our Twelve Behaviors

Honeywell encourages specific behaviors among our employees to ensure we meet our short-term and long-term commitments to solve many of the world's most complex problems. These behaviors are embodied in every project, process, and product of the company, and they are essential to the successful pursuit of our Five Initiatives.

Your performance with us will be measured according to the following Twelve Behaviors, and when you embody and develop them within yourself and in others, you will drive individual and business success.

Growth and Customer Focus recognizes that we need to think differently in order to grow. The customer is the cornerstone of our success. Effective employees do a superb job for customers every day in quality, delivery, value, and technology. They aggressively pursue new opportunities through superior sales and marketing, globalization, and technology roadmaps supported by Design for Six Sigma.

Leadership Impact means thinking like a leader regardless of your job, delivering on commitments, and being a role model for others. All leaders demonstrate passion for their work and care about the people in the organization. Each employee must be able to: 1) conceptualize an issue; 2) develop an action plan to address the issue; and 3) execute the plan.

Gets Results requires consistently meeting commitments to the business and to others. Quickly translate business requirements into actions by defining "who does what by when" to ensure plans are executed.

Makes People Better encourages excellence in peers, subordinates, and/or managers. Be a positive influence in the development of others.

Champions Change drives continuous improvement and fosters a Six Sigma mindset to make decisions that are in the best interests of customers, shareowners, and the organization. It reflects a constant commitment to do things better. Champions Change ensures the long-term strength of the company regardless of personal impact.

Fosters Teamwork and Diversity defines success in terms of the whole team. Employees must understand and capitalize on the fact that Honeywell's workforce is composed of individuals who represent a great diversity of values, opinions, backgrounds, cultures, and goals. Effective team leaders not only meet the expectations of their role as leaders, but they also set and meet the expectations for team members.

Global Mindset is viewing the business from all relevant perspectives and seeing the world in terms of integrated value chains.

Intelligent Risk Taking recognizes that generating greater returns requires taking greater risks. An intelligent risk taker uses sound business judgment, and has the courage to take action where outcomes are uncertain but where potential rewards are great. Business decisions often need to be made based on incomplete information.

Self-Aware/Learner individuals recognize their behaviors and how they affect those around them. Employees must accurately assess their own strengths and weaknesses and take action to improve.

Effective Communicator means providing timely and concise information to others, and using clear and thoughtful oral and written communication to influence, negotiate, and collaborate effectively. Leaders and employees need to appreciate that effective communication is about listening and being listened to but is not always about agreeing.

Integrative Thinker decides and takes action by applying intuition, experience, and judgment to the data available. They demonstrate an ability to assimilate various and conflicting information or opinions into a well-considered decision. They understand the implications of individual actions or recommendations on other systems, markets, processes, and functions.

Technical or Functional Excellence means being capable and effective in a particular area of expertise. Employees must remain aware of advances and current thinking in their fields and look for ways to apply the latest technologies to their work.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a critical strategy to accelerate improvements in processes, products, and services, and to radically reduce manufacturing and/or administrative costs and improve quality. These outcomes are achieved by relentlessly focusing on eliminating waste and reducing defects and variation.

It is one of Honeywell's principal engines for driving growth and productivity in all its businesses. In addition to manufacturing, Honeywell applies Six Sigma to its administrative functions. The company has realized billions in cumulative savings from Six Sigma-related activities.

Some of the everyday approaches you will take as you work with Six Sigma in mind will be:

  • Do it right the first time and eliminate non-value-added steps
  • Become lean in your need for resources and support
  • Reduce process variations
  • Focus on customer satisfaction, first to understand their needs and then to delight our customers by exceeding their expectations

Honeywell managers, supervisors and most professionals are expected to become Six Sigma certified at least at the "Green Belt" level. To achieve certification, employees must successfully apply Six Sigma tools and improve company performance. This initiative has resulted in hundreds of process improvements that make our businesses even more productive and customer-focused.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists & Technologists

Honeywell Initiative for Science and Engineering

Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists & Engineers

Honeywell Initiative for Science & Engineering is our latest STEM education program that connects university students with Nobel Laureates and Honeywell Fellows. Students worldwide learn directly from Nobel Laureates in Chemistry and Physics through on-campus events and interactive content.

In addition, Honeywell Fellows, our best and brightest engineers and technologists who between them hold 100s of patents, will share their real world knowledge and experience with students. The Fellows will be lecturing on market segmentation, identifying customer value and enhanced design for manufacturing; students will get a practical understanding of the type of real-life projects they will face when they graduate.

Please visit our University Events calendar for information on upcoming events.

Visit to learn more about this unique program.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Diversity enables global teams to generate new and better ideas faster and to collaborate more effectively.

Honeywell Around The WorldAt Honeywell, diversity is the foundation of a performance culture that promotes respect, understanding, and appreciation of different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

It is part of the energy that has and will continue to help the company achieve a sustainable and global competitive advantage for many years to come. It enables our global teams to generate new and better ideas faster and to collaborate and innovate more effectively.

Each year, our leadership team and employees are assessed on their ability to foster diversity and teamwork. This makes our work environment more productive, more dynamic, and more positive. It enables us to come together and deliver the kind of outstanding results Honeywell has come to expect.

In fact, Honeywell's commitment to diversity has resulted in many prestigious company awards, including:

  • "Most Admired Companies" by Career Communications Group, the publisher of US Black Engineer and IT magazine, Hispanic Engineer and IT magazine, Science Spectrum magazine, and Women of Color magazine
  • "Top 50 Employers" by Woman Engineer magazine
  • "Best Companies for LGBT Equality" designation by the Human Rights Campaign
  • "Top 50 Employers" by Careers and the DisABLED magazine
  • "Above and Beyond Award" from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, an organization of the Department of Defense
  • "Best of the Best" awards from Olive Tree Publishing, Inc., publishers of the Black EOE Journal, Hispanic Network magazine, and Professional Woman's magazine for:
    - Top Engineering and Technology Companies
    - Top Aerospace and Defense Companies
    - Top Supplier Diversity Program
    - Top Diversity Employer

Corporate Social Responsibility at Honeywell

The cities, towns, and streets where Honeywell employees live, work and raise their families are more than places — they're our hometowns. And just as we're committed to creating tools and solutions to improve people's quality of life, Honeywell is committed to making a measurable difference in our own neighborhoods and communities.

Honeywell Hometown Solutions provides resources, financial support, and encourages employee volunteerism to meet local neighborhood needs where Honeywell can make a real, lasting impact. We help in five critical areas:

  • Science & math education – Inspiring and Educating students and teachers while empowering the next generation of scientists and engineers
  • Family safety & security – Protecting our children
  • Housing & shelter – Rebuilding and improving homes, schools and communities
  • Habitat & conservation – A cleaner, safer, healthier environment – Hands-on community-based projects
  • Humanitarian Relief – Helping our communities and our employees recover from natural disasters