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Intern Insight: Ashley Halinka

Intern Photo

Image courtesy of Ashley Halinka

Ashley Halinka, a Finance major at Arizona State University, recently completed an internship with Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix, Arizona with our Finance team.

Internship Details

Ashley’s internship was project-based. The main project’s goal was to drive an increase in “touchless” reporting between the Finance Leadership Team and Aerospace Leadership Team. She designed and managed a process to convert static PDF reports emailed monthly to interactive dashboards accessible via the intranet at any time.

Her secondary project involved building an interactive Webi report in Business Objects 4 to summarize daily past due revenue. While the report provides high-level information, it also provides drill-down features to allow for a more detailed analysis. The goal of the report is to move towards contemporary finance through touchless reporting.

Advice for Future Interns

When asked about advice to future interns, Ashley encourages, “Do not be afraid to ask questions. Interns in this program have a strong network of colleagues around them who are willing and able to provide assistance. Use this network to learn as much as possible about Honeywell and how you can make an impact during your internship.”

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Intern Insights: Kayli Keough and Kim Ferris

Kayli Keough, a Sociology and Psychology major at the University of Central Florida, and Kim Ferris, a Juris Doctor candidate at the Stetson University College of Law, recently completed internships with Honeywell Aerospace in Clearwater, Florida.

Kim F Intern Internship Details

Kim gained exposure to the intricacies of negotiating terms and conditions with different kinds of customers, coordinating with various functions to get their perspectives on pending contracts, and compromising to reach positions beneficial to all. Kayli observed contract negotiations and helped update Honeywell tools to assist contract managers further understand and abide by federal standards.

Together with contract managers and legal counsel, both Kim and Kayli helped develop guidance for how to do business in high growth regions.

AdKayli K Internvice for Future Interns

Kayli encouraged future interns to “take advantage of every opportunity to learn. If I ask, [Honeywell team members] will explain. Being able to talk to people who know the company so well has really helped me get a better grasp on the business and legal sides of Honeywell.” She adds, “There are also so many trainings and opportunities. By doing more of these, you can get a lot of valuable experiences, which will be extremely useful in the future.”

Kim encouraged interns to get involved in as many projects with as many different people as possible. “Not only is it fun to meet new people, but everyone has their own experiences to share,” she said. “Working with [other teammates] gives you a more comprehensive understanding and helps you see ways to do your job better.”

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