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Software Spotlight: Andrew Duca

Andrew Duca is Honeywell’s Engineering Director of Digital Transformation and the Software Site Leader for Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

With 25 years of experience at Honeywell, Andrew oversees software developments for PMT and serves as the business focal to deliver new software solutions aligned to Honeywell’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) strategy.

Andrew’s career story, in his own words, continues below.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

duca-blog1I’ve been interested in computers for as long as I can remember. When I was in grade school, my father would bring home a Teletype machine and an acoustic coupler model. We’d connect our rotary phone to the UNIVAC computer at his work, play games and write trivial programs over the course of the weekend – our version of a hackathon!

duca-blog2I took classes during the summers to learn to program, in those days we were using time sharing system that we interacted with using a Teletype machine connected to a Telex service.  The programs that we were writing were stored on paper tape, which was loaded into the machine each time you needed to run the program.

After college, I took a job with a well-known company, and shortly after, some news intrigued me: Honeywell won the contract to supply avionics for the new Boeing 777 aircraft. I did some networking, found a position to match my interests and soon found myself in a job interview with Honeywell in Phoenix.

Career Progression at Honeywell

I started my career with Honeywell Aerospace working there for about three years in the tools group.  We created the software and development platforms used to create the avionics software for the various programs that Honeywell worked on.

An opportunity to join what became Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) came up and I transferred divisions to work on process control software and the TDC 3000 system, where my first task was to work on a technology that allowed us to remotely connect systems from different control rooms – basically, implementing a proprietary TCP/IP stack.

Over the years, I took on a number of different assignments, moving from the core control software to customer requested extensions to that control system, then on to HPS’ Advanced Solutions where we designed and wrote software that help our customers optimize their business with planning, scheduling, optimization, and operations type applications.  I worked in this area for a number of years and as the Advanced Solutions Chief Architect oversaw the development of 60+ applications.

From there, I took on the Chief Engineer role for HPS’ Lifecycle Solutions and Services group, whose focus was on maintaining and migrating some of our oldest software (in operation for 40+ years) while also creating our newest cloud hosted offering, the Assurance 360 Dashboard.

In my current role, I am overseeing the software developments that PMT will take on in our new Software Center in Atlanta. In this role, I serve as the focal to the business to deliver new software solutions aligned with our Industrial Internet of Things strategy.

Honeywell’s Software Center

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I’m really excited about the new software center; we’re bringing all of Honeywell’s businesses together to create new software solutions.  The opportunities to collaborate easily across Honeywell, as well as work on programs that span all of Honeywell’s business, presents a fantastic opportunity to work on many different programs spanning Aerospace, Homes, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Control, Transportation Systems and Industrial Safety.

Our corporate wide IIOT platform initiative is another awesome opportunity to bring solutions from all of our businesses together to provide a much richer offering to our customers.

onehon_2There is always something new to work on.  Shortly after joining Honeywell, I realized that the size and breadth of Honeywell’s businesses presented an incredible opportunity to work on many different things and in many different industries.  With our new Software Center in Atlanta, we are bringing all of those businesses together, which provides a great and very easy opportunity to work on everything we do.

At the end of the day, it’s about the people.  Honeywell has some of the best people in the world working here and it is invigorating to work with our teams across the world, helping them grow as much as learning and growing from others.

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